French Translation can help you grow your business

Grow your business with translation

French Translation Opens Your Business to Hundreds of millions of new people

270 million French-­speaking people around the  world are eager to buy your products and services.

“French is spoken on five continents by more than 270 million people in 43 countries”

French Visitors have a better chance to find your website/products when it’s in French … and simply won’t if it’s only in English!

When typing keywords in Google, French-speaking clients are more likely to find your website if it’s in French.

Even the people who can speak English are still more likely to browse the web in their native language.

French people are 4 times more likely to buy in French

French-­speaking people visit your website and leave it without buying …

“French consumers prefer buying in French”

Visitors Stay longer when you speak their language

Ever found a site where you did not understand the language?

Did you stay long?

Translation makes your products sell MORE to MORE people

When your documents/website are translated into French, your customers understand your products.

  • They feel like you are close to them.
  • It shows that YOU CARE.
  • You make customers feel special

Translation can make you MORE money

When your documents/website are translated into you:

  • You build rapport and earn your customer’s trust
  • You make it easier for them to buy from you
  • They buy from you rather your competitors!

Companies using translation are MORE SUCCESSFUL

“Although your French customers won’t necessarily love you if you  don’t speak French to them, YOUR COMPETITORS who do WILL”

Translation makes your business UNIQUE

If you’re the only one in your field talking to a French group, you can guarantee their attention

“Although your French customers won’t love you if you don’t speak French to them, YOUR COMPETITORS who do WILL”

And makes it easier for you to partner with other businesses


Translation improves Your image

  • Translation impresses the customers.
  • Tells customers that YOU TAKE YOUR BUSINESS SERIOUSLY,
  • You are COMMITTED TO QUALITY in all aspects of your business.
  • And makes it easier for you to partner with other
  • businesses

Translation is more than a necessity : it’s Real Added Value to your product

Ever wondered why Apple is selling so many Ipads?

Because their products express high quality, including the translation of their operating manuals.

“Great companies see translation not as a cost, but as a sales opportunity”

Translation is NOT expensive

… contrary to what people think

Translation increases expenses by a little, while helping sell more to more customers.

Translation is the first step to turn your business into an international ­level competitor

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