8 reasons to Study Translation and interpretation

Study translation and learn a new skill

Globalization and the pace of life bring us closer and closer to ‘global internalization’. So, it is essential to know at least one foreign language, and push it ‘a bit’ forward which might lead, like it did for me, to study translation and interpretation and make a career out of it. 

Study translation – Why it’s worth it

Previously, we talked about the benefits of knowing a foreign language and now we are going to concentrate on why study translation and interpretation might be worth it. Here’s why:

  1. If you have always been interested in communicating in writing from one language to another, this could be your career. It is when you realize that translating produces a feeling of happiness even though you might not yet have begun to learn the keys, rules and tricks of the world. Study translation and interpretation and you can be one of them… Sorry, one of us.
  2. Wanting to give a meaning to your already acquired linguistic knowledge and take advantage of it in your work is enough to put away your doubts once and for all.
  3. If what you want is to interpret in a booth, on a stage, or in a meeting. Do not hesitate, it is a magnificent profession that will make you sweat, feel nervous, learn and continue to learn continuously, catch up on news and news, feel that bug in your stomach that ends up becoming a smile and infinite satisfaction when you leave a cabin in which you have been giving the best of yourself and everyone congratulates you… You will have good and bad times and at the beginning everything will cost you a lot. But if you like it, don’t think twice.
  4. You like to travel and move in an international environment and whenever you have gone on vacation, you were like a child with a new toy, hearing speak a language different from yours: this is the way to go. Sign up to study translation and interpretation!
  5. You have a good ear and a good memory, because as my classical French teacher used to say: languages ​​can be learned by heart! Discover what it feels like to enter a performance booth for the first time. It is amazing!
  6. Your friends like to go shopping but you’d rather enter a bookstore to browse the latest and long-awaited edition of a great dictionary and you still don’t know why… I tell you: study translation and you might have found your path. What do you say?
  7. Don’t know yet where to work? Study translation opens up a world of possibilities. You’ll be able to find work with embassies, travel and tourism agencies, translation agencies, judicial agencies, publishing companies, state agencies that deal with foreign trade, companies that need to gain a foothold in the international sphere, subtitle and double films, teachers, non-governmental organizations, set up your own translation agency and be autonomous, etc. The list is almost endless.
  8. Study translation and you’ll be surrounded by students, specialists and other personalities who are passionate about languages and literature, just like you. Look for the nearest university or the one with the best prospects and sign up for your new career.

Want to Study Translation, Talk to the Professionals

Still having doubts, of course. Talk to a student or a professional who has opted for this path. Sometimes, it is necessary to know the impressions of a person who has already got fully into this world.

I hope I have opened your eyes a little. There are many opportunities for those who chose to study translation. Still, it is a decision that involves a lot of effort and work but if you want to be good at something, it is worth the effort.

A Passion for Languages leading to Study Translation

As for me, what led me to study precisely this very same path? A passion for languages, for learning, a fine ear (I think), meeting people who like the same things as me, travelling and being able to communicate with other people in their own language (and show off a little with my newly acquired skills), feeling great when entering an interpretation booth and end with a smile from ear to ear…

If you recognize yourself in that description, go for it! 

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