Do you notice anything different about me?

a different translation

You’ve had your website translated into French?
Congratulations on Opening Your Business to Millions of French-speaking potential clients.

Yet, like many companies, you might have used a translation agency to translate your document into French.

Have you ever considered using a Freelance Translator? If you have not, let me give you 3 very good reasons why You Should:

(Much) Better Quality of translation

  • Translator gets to know your business, your language, your style and your company, becoming part of your team
  • Style and Terminology become MORE consistent
  • You are 100% sure YOUR translator is a French-native speaker and Professional Translator

No middleman = Better Value for Money

Direct Contact

  • One Point of Contact
  • Strong relationship with Trusted & Competent Translator
  • Easier communication

Today, you can have your documentation into French, with a MUCH BETTER Value for Money and Quality that any Translation Agency can offer you.

How do I know that? Simple: Most translation agencies you might employ are using a Freelance Translator just like me, taking their cut along the way.

Why not cut the middle man, and get Better Translations in the process?

Contact me now for a quote for the translation of your document and/or website and see the difference

Translation – Buy It, Sell It, Love It

become more visible in France

Are you doing everything to get your company to become more visible to a worldwide audience?

Chances are that your competitors are localizing their technical, marketing, and educational messages so that these documents are more accessible to their clients.

More and more businesses are building websites that include information in other languages in order to reach a wider audience and become more visible. And it isn’t just international audiences that need these multilingual sites. Canada is an extremely diverse country. Take Vancouver as an example. More than half of the city’s population claim a language other than English as their native language, meaning that businesses that demonstrate a willingness and ability to speak in these languages are far more likely to enjoy growth and success.

Did you know that …

  • More than 70% of all web surfers prefer to speak and read in a language other than English?
  • More than half of all search queries on Google are done in a language other than English?
  • People are three times more likely to buy your product or service if information is available in their native language?

Enlisting the help of a professional translator to localize your print and online messages can be exactly what your company needs in order to grow, tap into an increasingly diverse market and become more visible.

The choice is yours! Trust the professionals!