One Language Leads to Another

When your documents/website are translated into French,

Your customers understand your products.

They feel like you are close to them.

1. Your new customers need to understand your products, but also feel like you are close to them.

2. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy from you and this means communicating with French-speaking people in French.

3. It’s not just about the product. It’s about the consumer. When you go the extra mile to communicate with your customers in the language they know, they feel respected and they buy from you rather your competitors.

4. Translation into French makes it easier for French-speaking customers to do business with you and, ultimately, to buy more from you.translation from english to french makes you more money

French Translation makes you more successfulMost very successful companies appear local and accessible to their customers.

Companies that used translation services had twice more profit as compared to the ones that didn’t.

Translating into french shows that you careTranslating your website or documents into French is more than just making them readable. You are basically acknowledging the presence of French-speaking users, allowing you to build rapport and earn their trust. This will greatly help potential customers feel comfortable and potentially buying from you.

Translating from english makes your business uniqueIf you’re the only one in your field, marketing online to a French group, you can guarantee their attention. It extends your business beyond the borders of your local community, county, state, or province.

Translation in French improves your imageIt’s natural for people to prefer a more established company. With a website that caters to foreign clients, the local market will get the impression that you’re running a world-class business. This means translating your website can also help get you more customers at home.

A quality translation helps establish your reputation. This indicates an attention to detail, which sends an important message to your customers. Translation tells them that you take your business seriously and that you are committed to quality in all aspects of your business.

English to French translation makes it easier for you to partner with other businessesGoing global doesn’t just impress the customers; it also makes you look good in front of potential business partners. It’s natural for some business owners to look for foreign partners, and having your website translated into French will make your business look like something worth partnering with. This can further establish your business in the area, which means even more business for you.

Translation is not expensiveTranslation is not as expensive as most people think. The sheer number of benefits compared to its affordable cost makes translation a no-brainer for most businesses. It’s amazing how the act of acknowledging people from outside your own boundaries can turn your business from your average small-time company to an international-level competitor in the industry.

Companies that report increased profits after a translation point out that the actual translation cost was small in comparison to other expenses. Translation increases expenses by a little, while helping sell more to more customers.

Translation adds a real added Value to your product or service. Why do you think it is that Apple is selling so many Ipads? All their products express high quality, including the translation of their operating manuals.

english to french translation

Why Hire me to do your French translations

My name is Olivier den Hartigh and for the past 22 years, I have been delivering English to French translations to clients like you. I love using my skills to help you reach your goals, whether it’s winning new clients, or simply help you do your job as best you can.

My aim is simple, to supply you with exactly what you want:

High quality Translations at a Competitive Price, On Time and in the Right Format.

Benefits you can count on:


Compliance with EN15038 :2006

A 100% guarantee of carefully verified translation skills

Means to win new and retain regular clients: expert service without embarrassing moments

Less internal checking and greater consistency

Natural French, truly tailored to your needs

Assurance of quality and reliability

A pleasant working environment

You have more time to pursue your other tasks


An M.A in Translation Studies and 22 years of translation experience

Translation only into mother tongue French

Careful subject research in authoritative sources, always ready to help

Friendly and responsive

Delivering on or ahead of time, adhering to instructions, replying promptly

A certified member of the Société Française des Traducteurs (SFT)

14 years in English-Speaking countries: UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Translations in many formats: Adobe® PDF, Illustrator®, FrameMaker® and InDesign®, PageMaker docs, and websites straight into SGML, XML, HTML codes as well as WordPress, Joomla, *.po files.

When translating, making every attempt to produce documents whose layout mirrors the original as closely as possible.

Absolute Confidentiality

 FAQ about translation and interpreting

You wouldn’t think twice to pay a lawyer for legal advice. You’d always hire a trained accountant for tax help. And you’d go straight to a qualified mechanic for car repairs.

Why, then, would you send translation work to anyone less than a professional translator?

Whatever your excuse, I’ve heard it before. And I can tell you now: it’s doing your business no good.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

1. Dave in HR speaks some French. If we need translations, we’ll just ask him: WRONG

Need a professional translator
Dave may well know a bit of French. But does that really qualify him to translate complex business texts? And wouldn’t his time be better spent on that urgent recruitment campaign?

Knowing a foreign language does not make you a translator – just like having a driving licence does not make you Michael Schumacher, or being able to follow a recipe does not make you a Michelin-starred chef.

Professional translators train for years. They know all the challenges a translation can throw up. And they have all the skills to deal with them.

Above all, they know how to craft translations that don’t feel like translations. And that only comes from years of study and practice.

So let Dave get on with what you pay him to do, and leave translation to experienced pros who really know what they are doing.

2. We can’t afford professional translation: WRONG

Yes, You can. Good translation isn’t expensive.

The average cost of creating content is $0.65 while the average cost of translation is only $0.10*. The return on investment for translation is also very high because translated content helps a company target new consumers.

And can you really afford not to use a professional service?

Just one bad translation can turn your customers against you, damage your reputation and, in extreme cases, land you in legal trouble.

With translation – just like anything else for that matter! – you really do get what you pay for. Cheap shortcuts always come at a price, so it’s worth investing to get it done properly from the start.

3. We don’t need to pay professionals – we’ve got Google Translate: WRONG

Free translation tools are useful if all you need is the general gist of a text.

For business purposes, however, automatic translation is a bad idea. The results can range from incoherent and misleading to bizarre and, in some cases, outright offensive.

Imagine you’re designing a new website for your company. Would you be happy to fill it with English copy that’s nonsensical, full of mistakes and likely to offend your customers?

google translate

Of course you wouldn’t. So why should it be good enough for your foreign clients?

Translation errors in a safety manual can be embarrassing and lead customers to question the quality of the product in their hands, thereby decreasing their trust in the company. Meanwhile, accidents resulting from bad safety manual translation can cause injuries, property damage or worse, leading to unsafe working conditions, lawsuits, a negative corporate image — and bad business.

Google Translate is never good enough to represent your business.

4. Everyone understands English. Translation is a waste of money: WRONG

This may surprise you. But 75% of the world’s population speaks no English at all.

Many people can manage a few words, but it takes much more than that to navigate a commercial website orunderstand pages of complex terms and conditions.

Like everyone, your foreign customers expect clear, useful information in language they understand.

“Good translation is a standalone piece of professional writing. It should inform, influence and persuade as effectively as the text it’s based on.”

By offering well-translated content, you make them feel valued and respected. You also make it easier for them to buy from you.

And remember: if you can’t give foreign prospects the information they need, they’re only ever a click away from one of your competitors.

Of those who do speak some English, most will only make buying decisions in their first language.

5. We just don’t need professional translation: WRONG

Some products and services will only ever succeed in their domestic market. That’s fair enough. But these days, even the most niche business can benefit from professional translation.

Multilingual websites, press releases and brochures all help pull in new customers, increase sales and strengthen your brand abroad.

When you hire a translation service, you are making a small investment in your business or life that will provide great benefits.

6. There are cheaper ways to do it: WRONG

There’s a saying in the Translation industry: “I can always make it cheaper, and I can always make it WORSE!”

Yes, there are. And you’ll easily find thousands of mega-cheap translation suppliers. But you’re unlikely to get professional work from any of them.Professional translation?

A cheap translation is like a $1 t-shirt. From a distance it looks OK. But corners had to be cut. Someone was exploited along the way. And, sooner or later, you will find gaping holes.

Is that good enough for your business? Probably not. So, if you can, aim for the higher end of the market. And remember: it usually takes just one or two new sales for a translation to pay for itself.

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