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What French Translation can do for You

#1 French Translation Opens Your Business to Hundreds of millions of new people

270 million French-speaking people around the world are eager to buy your products and services.

“French is spoken on five continents by more than 270 million people in 43 countries”

translate your website in French

#2 French Visitors have a better chance to find your website/products when it’s in French

When typing keywords in Google, French-speaking clients are more likely to find your website if it’s in French.

Even the people who can speak English are still more likely to browse the web in their native language.


#3 French people are 4 times more likely to buy in French because…

French consumers prefer buying in French

help me sell in France


#4 Visitors Stay longer when you speak their language

Ever found a site where you did not understand the language?

Did you stay long?

translation and interpreting

#5 Translation makes your products sell MORE to MORE people

translate my website Your customers understand your products.They feel like you are close to them.They feel respected.It shows that YOU CARE

They buy from you rather your competitors!

french translation services

#6 Companies using translation are MORE SUCCESSFUL

Studies have shown they have twice more profit.

“Although your French customers won’t love you if you don’t speak French to them, YOUR COMPETITORS who do WILL”

#7 Translation makes Your Business UNIQUE

If you’re the only one in your field talking to a French group, you can guarantee their attention.

“It’s easier than ever to differentiate your company from the pack with quality translation”

#8 Translation improves Your image

Translation tells customers that You take your business seriously

You are Committed to QUALITY in all aspects of your business.

translation makes you look good  

 have a document to translate into french

#9 Translation Adds Value to your product

Ever wondered why Apple is selling so many Ipads?

Their products express high quality, including the translation of their operating manuals.

“Great companies see translation not as a cost, but as a sales opportunity”

#10 Translation is step 1 to turn your business into an international-level competitor

 looking for a french translator

FAQ and [serious] Misconceptions about Translations You Should know about

#1 “Bob from accounting speaks some French. We’ll just ask him”

finding a good english translator Speaking – a bit of French – IS NOT writing.Even if you regularly negotiate in French, 99 times out of 100, your written command of a foreign language will be immediately rec­ognizable as “foreign”

Knowing a foreign language does not make you a translator

Professional translators train for years.

Translators know how to craft translations that don’t feel like translations.

And that only comes from years of study and practice.

my website translated in French

“Akward or sloppy use of the French language is not amusing in business. It’s insulting”

#2 “We can’t afford professional translation”


inexpensive translator

Good translation isn’t expensive:

Average cost of creating content = $0.65

Average cost of translation = $0.10

And it usually takes just 1 or 2 sales for a translation to pay for itself.

#3 “We don’t need to pay a professional translator – we’ve got Google Translate”

Automatic Translation is incoherent, full of mistakes, bizarre and can be offensive to your customers.

hire a professional translator instead

Errors will lead customers to question the quality of your product, and will decrease their trust in your company.

Google Translate is never good enough to represent your business.

#4 “Everyone understands English. Translation is a waste of money”

This may surprise you, but 75% of the world’s population speaks no English.

Your French customers expect helpful information in a language they understand.

By providing quality content, you make them feel valued and respected.

Also, you make it easier for them to buy from you.

If you cannot give your prospects the information they need in French, they are only a click away from your competitors.

 cheap french translations

Of those who do speak some English, most will only make buying decisions in their first language.

#5 “We simply don’t need professional translation”

Quality is crucial.

“Good translation is a standalone piece of professional writing. It must inform, influence and persuade as effectively as the text it’s based on.”

#6 “There are cheaper ways to do it”

You’ll easily find thousands of mega-cheap translators. But you’re unlikely to get professional work from any of them.

A cheap translation is like a $1 t-shirt. From a distance it looks OK. But corners had to be cut.

Is that good enough for your business? Probably not.

Hiring a bad translator is doing your business no good.


Why YOU should HIRE ME

english to french translation

My aim is simple, to help You Sell More and Make More Money by supplying you with:

A Translation That Gives You The Best Chance

To Sell To Some of the Hundred of Millions

of French-speaking people on the Planet

On Time and in the Right Format.

Benefits you can count on:



A High Quality Translation in French, with the right words to your audience, that will Help Convince and Persuade

Translator's Benefit 1

You win new and retain regular customers, with

  • Natural French – A Translation that won’t feel like a translation,
  • A translation in a language your French customers will understand
  • A translation that will make you and Your product LOOK GOOD
translator's Benefits_02

You get your translation on time, When You Want it, Quickly, so You can Start Selling ASAP

translator's Benefits_003

Whatever format your document is in, You get your translation in the exact same format.

  • You don’t need to take care of the layout. I do it for you,
  • You don’t need to deal with a Desktop Publisher,
  • No risk of error when copy-pasting the translation,
  • You save Time and Money
translator's Benefits_04

A smooth and Easy Translation experience

Easy to contact translator

What People Say

Good French Translator

“Dear Olivier,

It is a FABULOUS translation!! You captured the meaning of the words. Our site is brilliant.

I cannot believe my good fortune in finding you!!”

C. Castell, IFLA

Translator in French

“We selected Extra Speech to develop our foreign language web site. We were extremely pleased with the quality of their work.

What matters most, however, is the results, and we saw an almost immediate increase in our web site traffic after the French website was launched.”

F. Rochiccioli, Vygon (UK) Ltd

Best translator

“Our initial connection with Extra Speech was solely for translated technical documents for the French market. […..].

They accurately translated a wide assortment of technical publications into French in just a few weeks. […..].

We have received many compliments from our in-country managers.”

W. Lerc, HUMAN Gesellschaft für Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH

Looking for a French Translator

“Olivier has been an invaluable team player for the Denver Nuggets.

He has helped us reach out to our French speaking fans with his reliable solution and excellent customer service.

I would recommend to any company seeking a partner for their French communication.”

M. Barbera, Denver Nuggets

need a translator

“I am just now receiving the feedback from my colleagues in Paris.

They tell us the work was very high quality. That will make us look great in our customers’ eyes!”

M. Wakefield, Kruuse

website translated

“[…..]I have been told that the translations were very good, not being translated literally like we have seen done in the past which has caused many issues.”

A. Myers, Latitude Digital Marketing

translating from english

“We have had Olivier translate our owner’s manuals for French customers for the last few years.

Olivier always delivers with consistently high standards of quality.

We are impressed that he is able to translate technical language while keeping it readable and easy to understand.”

J. Brunner, Krannich Solar GmbH


Get started Now

What’s your next step ?

We can start straight away with the first step to sell your product to France by:

  • Translating your Home Page into French
  • Translating your product(s) description into French
  • Translating your emails to your French prospects

You can contact me directly, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Olivier den Hartigh

00 61 4789 20054

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