Why Translate into French?

What French Translation can do for You

More Exposure

Translation opens the doors of your Business to hundreds of millions of potential clients eager to buy your products and services.

“French is spoken on 5 continents by more than 270 Million people in 43 countries.”

More Visibility

When typing keywords in Google, French-speaking clients are more likely to use French keywords to find what they need.

Even those who can speak English are still more likely to browse the web in their native language.

Buyer preference

Put simply, many French consumers prefer buying in French!

Lower “Bounce Rates”

If you’re not familiar with it, Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit your site, then leave immediately after viewing just one page. In other words, these are people who decide not to stick around and explore your offering.

Have you ever found a site where you didn’t understand the language? Did you stay long?

Better Customer Care

  • If you speak to them in their own language, your customers are more likely to understand your products.
  • They will feel a greater sense of empathy from you.
  • They will feel respected and cared for.
  • A customer that feels cared for is a customer that’s more likely to buy your products and stay loyal to your brand!


Quality translation is an excellent way to stand out from the pack.

If you’re the only one in your field talking to a French group, and talking well, you can guarantee their attention.

“Although your French customers won’t love you if you don’t speak French to them, YOUR COMPETITORS who do WILL”

Brand Enhancement

High quality translation of your copy lends credibility and the sense that you’re committed to quality in all aspects of your business.

“It’s easier than ever to differentiate your company from the pack with quality translation”


If you want to become internationally competitive, translation can take your company, your message, and your offering to the world stage in the truest sense.

A few misconceptions about translation you
should know about


“Bob from accounting speaks some French. Let’s just ask him”

Speaking a language at conversational level is radically different from writing in that language in a way that takes someone else’s words and accurately conveys their intended meaning.

Even if you regularly negotiate in French, your written command of a foreign language is likely to be immediately recognizable as “foreign”

Knowing a foreign language is very useful in business but it doesn’t make you a translator!

Professional translators train for a long time!

The years of study and practice that a professional translator has behind him/her means that you get translations that don’t feel like translations.


“We can’t afford professional translation”

Good translation isn’t expensive:
Average cost of creating content = $0.65 per word
Average cost of translation = $0.17 per word

It usually takes only 1 or 2 sales for a translation to pay for itself

“We don’t need a professional translator – we’ve got Google Translate”

Google Translate and other algorithm driven systems are great for the occasional word or to get the general sense of a sentence that you’d like to know the meaning of.

Unfortunately, the one thing they lack is the understanding of cultural and linguistic context that a human translator provides. The result is that automatic translation is often incoherent and full of mistakes, (some of them quite bizarre) and can even create content that is offensive to your customers


“Everyone understands English. Why bother?

This may surprise you, but 75% of the world’s population speaks no English.

Your French customers expect helpful information in a language they understand.

By providing quality content, you make them feel valued and respected.

Also, you make it easier for them to buy from you. Of those who do speak some English, most will only make buying decisions in their own language. People regularly make choices based on what feels familiar and comfortable. What better way to create that comfort and familiarity than to speak to them in their own language.

Why You Should use Extra Speech?

Hi, my name is Olivier den Hartigh and I’m a professional translator
My aim is simple – I want to give you:

Your best chance to access Hundreds of Millions of French-speaking buyers with an Accurate Translation of your message that is delivered On Time and in the Right Format

Benefits you can count on

What you get

How i do it

A High-Quality translation from English to French, allowing you to speak to your audience in a convincing and persuasive manner

From a professional Translator who has:

– A Master’s Degree in Translation Studies

– 25+ Years of translation experience

– 14+ Years spent living in English-Speaking countries

– 1,000,000+ words translated and counting!

New customers and the loyalty of existing customers with:

  • Natural French – A Translation that won’t feel like a translation
  • Copy that your French customers will find easy to read and reassuring
  • A translation that will make you and Your product LOOK GOOD

A French native translator

– With high level writing skills

– Who understands how the French think and buy from 35 years living in France!

– Who knows how to Reinforce your Company and Product’s image!

A prompt reliable service

Out of 93 projects this year, every one of them delivered by the deadline, more then half delivered early!

Whatever format your document is in, you get your translation in the exact same format.

  • You don’t need to take care of the layout. I do it for you
  • You don’t need to deal with a Desktop Publisher
  • No risk of error when copy-pasting the translation
  • You save Time and Money

Most formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Illustrator, FrameMaker, InDesign and more

Your final copy will mirror the original as closely as possible

A smooth and Easy Translation experience

Easy to contact:
98% of emails answered within 2 hours Easy Payment:
You pay via bank transfer, cash or Paypal

What People Say?

What’s your next step ?

We can start straight away with the first step by

  • Translating your Home Page into French
  • Developing your product(s) description into French
  • Translating your emails to your French prospects

You can contact me directly, or use the contact form of this page.

Olivier Den Hartigh
Tel: +33 (0)767129401